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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Mission Statement

This mission statement will probably change several times. That's OK.

4-26-08 First Mission Statement: To create one central blog that Yakima, Washington Homeschoolers can contribute to that gives prospective homeschoolers in Yakima and people who are moving to Yakima an idea of what kinds of things go on here that might be of interest to Homeschoolers. At this point the blog will be 20% philosophy, 70% local education based things and 10% "other" like State of Washington legal issues, and whatever other misc concepts can still be relevant to Homeschooling in Yakima, life in Yakima and homeschooling in general.

I am sure when the other contributing bloggers join up they'll want to impart their vision, or simply revise my sleep-deprived text. Keep in mind that I am using keywords and I think they matter at this point.