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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Charlotte Mason Seminar

* Seattle/Tacoma, WA *

All Day Charlotte Mason How-to Workshop
Location: Seattle/Tacoma, WA area
Presented by: Catherine Levison
Date: September 20th, 2008

Attention all Washington, Oregon, Idaho and British Columbia
homeschoolers, teachers, and others interested in Charlotte
Mason's educational philosophies.

Catherine Levison, author of several popular books -- including
A Charlotte Mason Education -- will be presenting her popular
All Day How-To Charlotte Mason Workshop this September
2008 in Auburn, Washington.

Charlotte Mason's methods are fun, effective, and inexpensive.
Her techniques are easily adapted to any home schooling method.
Please tell a friend or your support group!

Pre-registration is required by September 10th, 2008.

DATE: Sept. 20th, 2008
TIME: 8:30am - 4:30pm
http://charlottemas oneducation. com/speaking. html

An overview of the Charlotte Mason method, the liberal arts,
how to use narration, literature, art appreciation, formation of
good habits, history, century books, science, nature notebooks,
sketching, short lessons, scheduling, book selection, language
arts (including foreign languages), composition, handwriting,
poetry, spelling, and dictation. High School and the Charlotte
Mason method will be covered at 3:45pm - 4:30pm. Those not
interested in high school will be dismissed at 3:30pm.

White River Presbyterian Church
526 - 12th Street SE
Auburn, WA 98002

$30.00 Per Person
VISA/MC payments can be accepted by calling Catherine in
Seattle at 253-879-0433, or mail a check payable to Catherine
Levison and send to:

Catherine Levison
c/o Charlotte Mason Communique'- tions
2522 N. Proctor, # 500
Tacoma, WA 98406

Friday, August 29, 2008

Dear Wilson Middle School Parent/Guardian

The bolded words are mine.

As Part of the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act of 2002, Title 1 schools that have not met Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP for two or more consecutive years must provide parents the opportunity to move their child/children into a school that has made AYP. Transportation is free. AYP for Wilson is determined by the WASL scores of our students and their unexcused absence rate.

If your neighborhood school sucks you're legally allowed to choose a different school at our expense.

In 2007-08, Wilson students met all participation requirements in reading and math but didn't make proficiency requirements. Our goal in 2008-09 is to have all students also meet the proficiency requirements in both reading and math.

We suck but we'll try harder next year.

Wilson staff is committed to the success of our school and to provide quality education for each of our students. With the support of the District, we have completed a comprehensive needs assessment and implemented a school improvement plan that will be continued this year. District representatives were involved in the development of our plan and have also implemented a District Improvement Plan.

We even have a plan, the acronym is DIP.

Each of our middle schools has been identified for improvement which eliminates school choice as an option in our district. If you have questions contact me at 573-2401 or by email at

You don't really get to choose a different school because all the middle schools in the district have failed. Any questions?


Ernesto Araiza, Principal
Wilson Middle School

Annual CAPE Barbeque

I just wanted to report what an awesome time my family and I had at CAPE's barbeque yesterday! The food was very tasty--whoever made that rice/casserole/dish, I so want the recipe so I can eat it every day! My kids had a great time bouncing in the jumpy house and trying on the role of mad scientists. Most of all, I enjoyed seeing so many new faces. Not that I don't love my friends... but it's sometimes nice to talk to someone whose stories I haven't already heard!

I wish I had brought business cards so I could exchange contact info with some of the cool parents I met yesterday. If any of you want to get together with the Marshall family, you can leave a message on my blog. We love play dates! Otherwise, I hope to see some of those new faces at other CAPE events, including our parent meeting at Red Art Gallery this Thursday at 7 PM.

Emily Marshall, homeschooling mommy and avid blogger

Monday, August 25, 2008

MacGuyver Monday: Reusing Art Supplies

We go through a lot of art supplies in my home, and that means I can constantly wishing for ways to use the leftovers. I already know about the melt leftover-crayons-in-a-muffin tin trick (and to be honest, my daughter started crying when I showed her the result and wailed, "what have you done to it? They're all mixed up now!", so I won't be doing that again). So here are a few ways to recycle art supplies.

1. Paper scraps make cool collages. See if your kids can work them together into a paper crazy quilt.

2. Crayon bits can make cool melted wax creations. Just put a piece of paper on a warm hot plate and let your child drop the crayon on it. They can push the melted wax around with silverware. Be. Very. Careful. I'm told that dropping melted crayon wax on cloth makes some cool batik effects.

3. Leftover finger paint can be stored covered in the fridge. It might form a skin--just peel it off.

4. Leftover colored pencils can be made into stunning works of art if you have a lot of time on your hands.

4. Dried markers can be rehydrated with a little nail polish remover, or used dry on a wet watercolor painting for a new effect.

MacGuyver Monday is a weekly feature at my blog, SageMommy Says.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Yakima School District Teachers on MySpace

Following the Advice of Washington Post columnist, Ian Shapira, I searched MySpace for Yakima School DIstrict. I was surprised to find their job listings, is MySpace really where they want to find a staff? I don't know where MySpace gets its listings, though. They could be pulling them from the newspaper database or something.

Anyway- here are the results of my investigative report; there was Kevin, whose public profile looks great. There were no offensive graphics or foul language. In fact, the entire thing was student-friendly. He's single and he loves kids. Hmmm, who can I set him up with?

Next I saw Jaqui whose profile has a pretty graphics display. She's a family support specialist, not a teacher and her public display is also responsible. I feel like such a matchmaker. I wonder if she knows Kevin(above) They're both in their 30's.

OK, so far nothing offensive, let's see what's next...

Michael, this is getting boring. Aside from the bad color scheme choice (it's really hard on the eyes, Mike) there's nothing offensive here.

, not a lot of personality on the page. She's listed all of her favorite books, music, etc but I'm not familiar with any of them, so I can't really say if they're naughty or not. Her "about me" is curious, she just wrote the lyrics to the Fresh prince of Bel Aire theme song, I'm not sure how it applies to her life. In the comments, some of her friends have used foul language, but she didn't use it in her profile. And none of the comments were excessively vulgar, just a few four letter words, I think it reflects more on the person leaving the comment than on the person receiving it. She has a pretty smile.

Next up is Carla, I like her little "quote" it says
"Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier. Be the living expression of God's kindness: kindness in your face, kindness in your eyes, kindness in your smile."
She is a middle school math teacher, and her page is pretty, not offensive at all. Again, a few commenters have used 4 letter words. I wish Myspace would let you edit them into something else, will someone please send a letter to their tech department?

OK, now it's time for Jesus was Way Cool. I'm not making that up, this person didn't use her real name. She's 28 and she just quit her job at Blockbuster to be a substitute parapro. Her profile image is.... um... bound to be offensive to someone. I just think it's weird. It's a Jesus doll winking and giving a double thumbs-up sign. In her "People I'd like to meet" she states;
"People who are truely different than your average joe, but are forced to conform to this closed minded, hypocrytical world."
She also says she's
"Finding new ways to entertain myself with my fairly new sober lifestyle"

Newsflash- looking at the pictures- I know this girl, she is super sweet and has an adorable smile. I know her from Blockbuster. There's a lot of profanity on her page, I am so shocked. I'm guessing she grew up in an environment where it was OK. Her sobriety counter shows 4 years, which is good because I didn't know her 4 yrs ago. She was always very good with the kids. Wow. What a small world. I hope she continues to grow and mature as aperson and cleans up her MySpace before the kids she's working with check it out. (and truely is really spelled truly, it's a common mistake.)

OK, what other surprises do we have in store
Yo yo it's Adrian, his "about me" is interesting, it says
"Hey my name is Adrian. I work for YSD and go to school full time. Im always down to kick it meet new people. I'm planning on moving out of this crap hole within the next two years and make a new living somewhere else. I am currently single and dont have any kids, not really looking for a relationship but still lovin the ladies."

He works in the maintenance department. Luckily he's not a teacher.

, is a coach with YSD for 4 years. His page is really hard to read, I hate Myspace graphics. It looks like he's a used-to-party-too-much Latino man who is now coaching Soccer. I think, for a student with a troubled home life or who has seen their share of trouble, this man can probably help. I'm glad he's not teaching english, or counseling.

If you have trouble reading these pages, sometimes it helps to highlight the words. It's a MySpace thing.

Luckily I didn't find anyone horribly offensive teaching in YSD via MySpace. In case you wondered. I

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Theatre 4 Hire Auditions

A message to all members of Theatre4Hire

Hello, everybody! Mr. Trickey here. We are now casting for two upcoming Fall productions and we need your help! We're looking for experienced men and women of any age to take on comedic roles. Also note: all cast players will be paid. Spread the word and tell your friends. Now's the time to get everyone pumped: Theatre4Hire is open for business!

Let's do it!

Visit Theatre4Hire at: