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Friday, August 29, 2008

Annual CAPE Barbeque

I just wanted to report what an awesome time my family and I had at CAPE's barbeque yesterday! The food was very tasty--whoever made that rice/casserole/dish, I so want the recipe so I can eat it every day! My kids had a great time bouncing in the jumpy house and trying on the role of mad scientists. Most of all, I enjoyed seeing so many new faces. Not that I don't love my friends... but it's sometimes nice to talk to someone whose stories I haven't already heard!

I wish I had brought business cards so I could exchange contact info with some of the cool parents I met yesterday. If any of you want to get together with the Marshall family, you can leave a message on my blog. We love play dates! Otherwise, I hope to see some of those new faces at other CAPE events, including our parent meeting at Red Art Gallery this Thursday at 7 PM.

Emily Marshall, homeschooling mommy and avid blogger

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