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Monday, July 11, 2011

Weather stinks here

I appreciate the guest post, Ignacio Phillips
This weather is the absolute pits. I know some people really love when it heats up but I just can’t stand how I’m always sweating and my skin is sticking to my seats. I’m just not cut out for this kind of weather and I sure do get a lot of it living here in Texas! On top of all that my air conditioning broke just a few weeks ago and the guys couldn’t come out to fix it for 5 whole days! Do you know how hard it is to sleep when your room is over 80 degrees? I had him put in a long-lasting system and I even went to to find a better energy rate but it’s been a totally expensive process, all in all. I’m just ready for fall to get here and for things to cool off because I can’t really take too much more of this dreadful heat! I guess I’m not a Texan at heart, afterall, since I can’t seem to get adjusted to it!

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