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Monday, August 22, 2011

Overseas Opportunities

I just found the coolest kind of company, an industry I didn't even know existed. They're called EducaStar and they're like an intermediary sort of company or like education consulting services. What they do is they help foreign universities and colleges in their goal to recruit Chinese students. They act as an agent and they organize local information events and they also pre-screen students for potential interview and things like that. They probably also make sure all of their paperwork is straight because that can be a pain in the neck. I'm sure. there's more to being an educational consultant than that, but it just helps give you a little picture of what the job entails.

Imagine how confusing it would be for a Chinese student to sift through all of the paperwork for enrolling and applying to foreign universities. higher education consultants make that task easier. They're like a link between the colleges and universities and the overseas students. I bet their parents find it comforting, too. Imagine how confusing that would be. I mean, I have an 18 yr old daughter and I am currently a full time law school student and I can't even explain how complicated and confusing all the paperwork is. So imagine adding the fact that it isn't your native language to the mix. It sounds like a recipe for crazy-making. I can't even imagine. What an awesome little niche this company has found. I love discovering new things :)

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