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Monday, August 1, 2011

Strong Teeth

We had our daughter at the pediatric dentist a few months ago and I was totally amazed: She asked if they had pink fillings and the dentist said YES. Yes, can you believe it, they actually had pink fillings. It looked like a teeny bit of bubblegum stuck in her tooth, but at least it wasn't mercury amalgam, right? I remember when white fillings were first introduced. Actually, they're not exactly white, they custom blend the color to match your tooth, unless you're a little kid and you want some funky color. They had glow-I-the-dark fillings, they had green, yellow, red, purple, blue and all sorts of other colors with and without glitter. All without mercury, isn't that cool. I bet you could find a San Antonio Texas Dentist that could do the same, if you wanted.

I often wonder about teeth whitening. I've seen some people go WAY overboard with their whitening, like a lady at the museum one time who had these teeth that were almost clear. Plus, she had a fake tan so it looked ridiculous. But if you're it he market for San Antonio Cosmetic Dentistry then I have just provided you with a link that you can use in order to find the one you like best. They can file the edges of your teeth until they're smooth, they can whiten them, they can do all sorts of things. You'd be surprised by how many amazing new developments have come into the cosmetic dentistry business over the past few years.

So what are your dentistry stories? Have you seen the new colored fillings yet? What color would you choose? And have you ever seen anyone who overdid their tooth whitening? It's creepy, isn't it?

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