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Monday, September 26, 2011

Crimson Tide

When I was a little girl, my Aunt Maryann was away in college, at the University of Alabama. I always thought Alabama must be the most magical place. Maryann had a lilac colored bedroom and it was covered in little flowers and she had her beautiful porcelain dolls on display, along with needlepoint artwork of children playing, country cottages and teddy bears. When she came home for her first holiday, she brought Alabama apparel as gifts for everyone. looking back, I think her student loan or her scholarships must have covered purchases made in the Student store because I know college students don't always have a big disposable income to deal with.

Either way, we still have the University of Alabama shirts she gave us as gifts. Of course, they don't fit us anymore since that was like 30 years ago, but we did save them anyway for sentimental reasons. I don't have my own high school Tshirt and I have never even bought myself a Tshirt from any college I have attended, honestly they don't mean as much to me as Aunt maryann's ever could, those were special times and she was our hero. So do you still have any of the clothing you wore as a child? Do you have any sentimental pieces of clothing that are special to you, even if you can't wear them anymore? Did you collect any Tshirts or baseball caps or other things with your school's name or mascot on them?  

Sometimes it's silly the things we find sentimental value in. But life is good and having little reminders of special days gone by is just part of remembering.  

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