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Monday, September 12, 2011

Steam cleaning

Austin residents are so lucky, they have and all we have is Merry Maids. I was reading online about an epidemic of bedbugs, apparently they have been treating bedbugs with DEET (hello toxic) for several years and now the bed bugs are growing resistant to the poison, so they're scrambling to figure out what else they can use to kill them. I heard that clove oil works, and that's cool because it's not toxic but it is expensive and I'm not sure how much is necessary. Also, heat kills them but it needs to get over 120 degrees. That's cool for me because we just drove through Arizona and it was 112 outside and I'm SURE that when we parked the motorhome it cooked up over 120 with the windows closed so if there were any bedbugs in there, they're dead now for sure.

But what if you just can't take your home to Arizona and cook it for the day, that's not feasible for most people. The only solution then is steam cleaning because the extractor units are designed to use really really hot steam to clean things, in fact it's a good  home remedies for odor removal austin, too. So in one visit you could have the beds done, the other upholstery and the draperies and the carpets, all at once. I think they even do tiles and grout and driveways. It's so nice that these can be done without chemicals and i just wish that sort of service was available here because not everyone lives in Austin. I can't wait until The Steam Team grows worldwide.

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