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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Is it October already?

I know one of the very best luxuries of homeschooling is the ability to make the most of every season and not rush into the dining room table the minute the first leaves change colors.  This fall, we have pressed apples and made homemade apple cider which was absolutely delicious. I prefer it chilled, but I know some people would rather drink it warm. Anyway, I took some great pictures of the kids paying in the leaves at a state park in Missouri. We really loved the beautiful drive through the forest and seeing all of the leaves changing colors.  I regret that we haven't been able to visit New England in the fall yet, it was on our wish list but we haven't done it yet.  What else.... I guess we're just now sitting down to focus on books and learning. The kids have really been enjoying electronic books on their desktop computers because we moved them into the bedrooms so they can access them easier.  What about you?  Have you enjoyed the weather or did you stick yourself inside the minute the school bell rang?

Monday, October 17, 2011

Local scrubshops

So- I'm sure you noticed that a large percentage of people who live in our fair town work in the medical field. Maybe it's because the farm pesticides make people sick, maybe it's because everyone thinks they need a doctror for everything, maybe it's because the high percentage of children on state aid mean that residents here just USE the medical industry more often, maybe it's because everyone is eating processed foods or overweight or otherwise just consuming more medical services. Who knows???? Honestly, there's no way of knowing but what I do know is that we used to have a store downtown that sells scrubs and now it's gone. Where do people buy cheap scrubs in this town?  I just don't know anymore. It's a mystery.  I hope people are smart enough to buy them online rather than paying catalog prices, right? If you haven't used the web for buying scrubs yet, check out what they have on sites like this one:  before you go spending too much money somewhere else because doing business online is really a cheaper way to go for businesses, so even though you sometimes have to wait for shipping, you're still spending less and it should be no big deal if you can handle waiting a few days because your hard-earned money shouldn't be pissed away with instant gratification anyway, right?  Who knows, I just make this stuff up but if I were buying scrubs I would definitely not ever want to pay a penny more than I had to, know what I mean?

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Free CPE Credits

I know a lot of us homeschool moms tend to make ends meet with seasonal employment opportunities. When I went in to get my taxes done, there must have been 4 of my friends working in the office. I thought they must have been having a blast getting to eat lunch in peace and enjoying a working lifestyle for a little while. What a nice break from child-rearing. I hope they see it as an opportunity for a fun and enjoyable change rather than as a burden or a chore.  I always enjoyed working but I always also hated being forced into it.  If it was a choice, it would have been much easier to bear. In fact, the one time it WAS a choice, I worked my ass off and totally loved it.  Either way, when I came across this website that offered tax CPE retraining classes for ongoing education requirements, I thought of those ladies. Mary, Katie, Louisa and Dorene... this one's for you. Check out their website, they have some kind of freebie for new people. I didn't read all of the requirements, but I did want to share it with you. let me know how it goes, and enjoy the contrast of parenting and outside work, you truly have the best of both worlds!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Yayyyy- you HAVE to see this one

So we've been traveling all over the country in our motorhome (I know you're following us at, right?) and we've learned so much from our visits to state and national parks, about the landscape, geography, geology and history including that of the Native Americans, which I find to be the absolute most valuable of information because they lived here long long long before the caucasian people did and somewhere in their unwritten histories lies all the secrets of the plants that we call weeds. I'm a huge ethobotany junkie. Do you know what ethnobotany is? It's the study of how indigenous people use the plants in their region. I just think it's fascinating and I studied it for a while when we lived in Seattle and when I move back theere I definitely want to enroll in some sort of wilderness survival course so I can learn more. Anyway, click on that link I made above and you can search in your area for American-Indian activities and attractions. I think our local Toppenish Indians had their PowWow listed on that website, so check them out. Even if you don't live near me because their directory is huge.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Music lovers?

If your kids love making music and are serious about their studies, you should totally check out Philadelphia's chamber music festival camp. It's an amazing 2 week opportunity to play with some of the most talented strings players on the planet (because that's another way to describe the world-famous Philadelphia Orchestra, right?). Imagine how much fun it would be for a violin or cello playing kid to be immersed in nothing but strings for 2 solid weeks, then to give the concert performance of their young lives right in the same performance halls where some of the greatest players of all time have performed.

If you have a music lover, you should totally check out their website because they offer summer programs, winter programs and even a traveling program that goes to Croatia. You can choose a day program if you live in the area, or a residential program. They also have scholarships, too. The brochure is free and you can learn all about what they offer simply by sending away for information. that's really the best way to get a grasp on what they're doing. You can also check their Facebook page for feedback, thank goodness for social networking, right?