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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Free CPE Credits

I know a lot of us homeschool moms tend to make ends meet with seasonal employment opportunities. When I went in to get my taxes done, there must have been 4 of my friends working in the office. I thought they must have been having a blast getting to eat lunch in peace and enjoying a working lifestyle for a little while. What a nice break from child-rearing. I hope they see it as an opportunity for a fun and enjoyable change rather than as a burden or a chore.  I always enjoyed working but I always also hated being forced into it.  If it was a choice, it would have been much easier to bear. In fact, the one time it WAS a choice, I worked my ass off and totally loved it.  Either way, when I came across this website that offered tax CPE retraining classes for ongoing education requirements, I thought of those ladies. Mary, Katie, Louisa and Dorene... this one's for you. Check out their website, they have some kind of freebie for new people. I didn't read all of the requirements, but I did want to share it with you. let me know how it goes, and enjoy the contrast of parenting and outside work, you truly have the best of both worlds!

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