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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Being a Homeowner

Guest post from: Steve Delaney

Being a homeowner is tough for a lot of reasons but I think it’s extra hard for us because my husband is an architect so we bought a house that needed a lot of work because he wanted to make it something special. That’s all well and good in theory but you know, I’m pretty sick of living in the middle of a construction zone. I got ADT ATLANTA when I moved in because there were so many construction workers in and out and my husband seems to think that’s progress. I keep telling him that what constitutes progress in my eyes is coming home to a house that’s not full of scaffolding and sawdust! Buying a totally renovated home is definitely something I’m going to do from now on because there’s nothing like not having to worry about all this stuff. But to be honest, I hope we never have to move againsince this particular house has been so much work – my husband doesn’t even get the half of it!

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