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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Homeschoolers Moving to Yakima?

Are you new to Yakima? We seem to have a lot of new homeschoolers moving here, I hope they enjoy it. When I first moved here, I was so disappointed. It took me months to even FIND another homeschooling family, it's almost as if they were hiding. There was no web presence and it seemed to all be based on phone trees, with secret phone numbers straight out of the 1950's. When we finally did find them, they were all so friendly and sweet. That was ten years ago and to this day some of my favorite people are the ones we met that year. We've been very lucky to know so many kind people in Yakima but I'd still move back to Seattle in a heartbeat if I could. Some day, right? I know a lot of people think Yakima is a much better place to raise kids but I prefer the tons and tons of museums and educational opportunities that you find in a bigger city. Another motivating factor for me is the architecture, the variety of cultures and religions and ethnicities that are represented in a bigger city. There's also the fact that Seattle has a milder climate and it's closer to the sea and has an International airport. Eventually, I'm sure, we'll end up making it there. Until then, we're happy as clams to hang out in Yakima. As long as we can escape to the city every now and then.

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