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Monday, September 9, 2013

Beyond Art Lessons

I've always thought it was important for kids to have high quality art materials throughout their lives. Nothing frustrated me more when I was in preschool than our gunky funky tempera paint. I think it was mixed from a powder, so as the day wore on instead of maintaining a nice consistency it tended to dry out. Also, if we used it on anything other than construction paper it would flake off. Imagine being 3 or 4 and working your tail off to create your masterpiece, then watching it crumble in front of your eyes.
Reference Have you seen their rain room? It's the coolest thing, the ceiling is covered in plumbing and cameras, you walk out into the middle of it and the cameras SEE you, so they don't rain on you. You stand in the middle of the rain and don't get wet. The photos are quite dramatic, it looks like so much fun. In addition to using only high quality materials, like Liquitex BASICS Acrylic Paint instead of tempera, I also like to take my older kids to museums. It's a fun family day together and it puts us in an environment where we can focus on noticing the beauty in big and small things, and appreciate the creativity of other artists, dead and alive. Have you taken your family to an art museum lately?

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