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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Don't be an edu-sucker

Statistics that try to show links between dropping out of high school and an eventual life of crime really bother me. It's not logical to assume that simply leaving school will be the one factor that can drive an otherwise good kid into disastrous situations.  Wouldn't it be more likely, instead of saying that dropouts were 8x more likely to go to prison that prisoners had a predisposition toward quitting school?

Posters like the one below bother me, with a bunch of unrelated statistics arranged in a way that makes them SEEM related.  You can't deny that learning is important, and thank goodness information is free.   The idea that kids simply MUST finish out the government-mandated process of indoctrination and socialization is dangerous.  "Dropping out" of school won't lead to a life of crime any more than nose-picking.  If someone is going to lead a life of crime, they will do it whether they finish school or not.

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