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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Online learning with rss

If you're planning to host any online classes, you totally need to check out this tool I found, called Bookeo. They offer online class booking all over the world, using their web based server that integrates RSS subscription technology with a variety of resources. It's so exciting, even if you didn't think you wanted to teach an online class you just might change your mind when you see how easy it is to work their interface. They have statistics, so you can watch your business grow and they also help you track your enrollment and process credit cards and things like that. they just make it look so easy. i was most impressed with the fact that they offer a free demo because honestly, why would you ever want to try something that might potentially be complicated if you haven't even had a chance to run through it and see how it works yet, right?  But most importantly, they let you sign up for free, so you can actually get your hands wet (not literally, this is still computerized) and see how it works "for real."  Like I said, go check it out.  I can see a lot of ways to use this technology but that's just me. The question is, how will YOU use it?  seriously, go check it out and I bet you'll end up with a hundred ideas, too.  It's not as awesome as Khan Academy but it's still a neat thing. 


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