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Thursday, September 12, 2013

rarely saying stuff

No, of course RSS doesn't stand for rarely saying stuff. Nor does it stand for rapid smiling squirrels. Nope, it's really simple syndication and it's a coding mechanism developed by a team that included a 14 yr old boy. RSS revolutionized the way web content is shared and distributed making it easy to auytomatically send information from one place to another, in a syndicated way instead of manually. Remember google reader? They were developed to use the rss technology, which was new at the time and now it's so common that google just gave up on it which is really crappy for all the google reader addicts out there but it did make us see just how valuable this whole thing is. If you're missing your google reader, try Feedlyinstead. Another thing that makes RSS cool is that if you're trying to make money with your blog you don't have to depend on readers clicking into your site all the time. You can place your ads and they will see your feeds through their readers and your subscriber count can be higher than your web traffic which is really helpful.
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